Outside Bozeman Spring 2023

Spring 2024 Digital Issue

O/B Radio Episode 2: Mike Mease and Daniel Kinka on Bison Re-Wilding

Bison in Yellowstone

Freaks of Nature

dogs on trail blue sky

Paws & Play

madison buffalo jump, hiking, trails

Trail of the Week: Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

Caption Contest Spring 24

Caption Contest

Skiing Blackmore

Unbound & Determined

Bike fitting

DIY Bike Fit

Spring Hill gravel biking

Trail of the Week: Gravel Roads

A sewer runs through it

Montana's Best Outdoor Literature / A Sewer Runs Through It

Montana shed hunting, antler hunting, ATL, deer antler

A Season on the Edge

Sticker Junkie All stickers

O/B Store: Sticker Junkie

How Far Will You Go Spring 2024 winner stephen clayton kara huyser

How Far Will You Go?

Moose crossing road

Unsafe Passage

hiking, bear trap, madison river, trails

Trail of the Week: Bear Trap Canyon

Man with dog on mountain at sunset

Spring Opener: A Walk in the Park

Outside Bozeman Spring 2023

Spring 2024

trail running billings

Montana's Trailhead

Lick Creek Nordic

Trail of the Week: Hyalite Nordic Trails

Newbie gaffes, out-of-towner

Newbie Gaffes

Protection Proposal

Doug Chabot digging avalanche snow pit

My First Time: Doug Chabot

Cycle, Saddle, Bike

Back in the Saddle

ski touring, backcountry skiing, yellowstone national park

Tour of the Week: Bacon Rind

skiing, jeans, denim

It's in the Jeans

magic forest mark gear

Paint & Poetry: Winter Poems

Outside Bozeman Radio Podcast Logo

O/B Radio: Episode 1

Skiing apres beer drinking on patio

Glass Half-Full

ski touring, backcountry skiing, bridgers

Tour of the Week: Texas Meadows

Book Creekin' for Dummies, whitewater kayaking, rafting

Creekin' for Dummies

Wraith Hill

First Tracks

Skiing Bode Miller

Peak Performance

Nordic skiing, cross country, yellowstone national park

Tour of the Week: Fawn & Bighorn Pass

colleen tretter green darner profile

O/B Events Page

Outside Bozeman Radio Podcast Logo

O/B Radio: Episode 1

Skiier jumping discovery

Road Trip: Discovery / Philipsburg

Tour of the Week: Lick Creek

dream vs. reality ice climbing

Dream vs. Reality: Ice Climbing

Outside Bozeman Radio Podcast Logo

O/B Radio

Reading is Sexy!

Roosevelt camp in Yellowstone

Tweeting Teddy

Trail of the Week: Mount Blackmore

OB Nordic Skiing Giveaway Winter 23-24

Nordic Nuts Giveaway 

skiers in avalanche

Rune's Last Run

Skiing jumping cliff

Don't Sweat It

Snowmobiling Little Bear Canyon

Ride Aware

winter, hiking, big sky, trails

Trail of the Week: Ousel Falls Park 

How Far Will You Go?

Dog looking out window

Golden Years

Hot-Springs Roundup

Big Sky Skijoring

Skijoring Spectacular

backcountry skiing, ski touring, yellowstone

Trail of the Week: Tele Meadows

OB Digital Edition Library Graphic

NEW O/B Digital Edition Library

Big Sky Skijoring

Big Belt hut skiing

Charging the Slopes

cross country skiing yellowstone

Bunsen Burner

Trail of the Week: Bozeman Creek Trail

Select Peaks greater yellowstone region map

Peak Mentality

ice fishing fort peck

Frozen Fun

Fly Fishing Film Tour

Movie Night: Adventure Indoors

Trail of the Week: Highland Glen & Sunset Hills

chairlift heckling resort skiing

Chair Chatter

fishing, fly fishing, winter

Montana Fly Fishing Magazine 

Fat tire roller skiing

Rolling Fatties

hunting, geese, Canada Geese, Bozeman

Wild Goose Chase

winter 23-24 how far winner

Contest: How Far Will You Go

Video: Trespassing in Bozeman

Banff Mountain Film Festival giveaway

Ticket Giveaway: Banff Mountain Film Fest

Duck hunting blind dog

Looking Up

ski hipster, bro, ski bum

Snow Swank

Review: Space Acacia Tent

Ice fishing release

High Expectations

skiing, bozeman, montana, guide, humor

Secret's Out

Classic vs skate skiing nordic face off

Classic vs. Skate Skiing

Hyalite ice climbing

Ice, Ice Baby

snowboarding, skiing, Showdown, montana, ski areas, bozeman, powder day

Less is More

snowshoeing west yellowstone

Holiday Gift Guide

Hyalite ice climbing

Ice Climbing

O/B Store

Hyalite By The Numbers

By the Numbers

Hungarian partridge

Hun in the Sun

Southside park hockey

Hello Darkness

Beartooth Pass, Pet Advice, Bozeman

True Tales

Battle of the Bismark: Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

mountain and sky

Words of the West

OB Winter 2023-24 cover

Winter 2023-24

boztradamus, bozeman, humor, montana, yellowstone club


Backcountry skiing Montana

Mountain Fit


Idiom Index

Cottonwood tree canopy


events, christmas stroll, shopping

Holiday Fun

Missouri Headwater

Headwaters State Park

Headphone trail restrictions

Headphone Restrictions Begin

Holiday Gift Guide

Gallagator rail line

Origin Stories

Born to (Almost) Run

Whitetail does in fiels

High and Whitey

DIY roof rack ford ranger

O/B Classifieds Page

Dan Baileys historic photo

Passing the Torch: Dan Bailey's

Vegan hunting brocolli

Beyond Meat

Blue Light Guide 2023-24

Blue Light Guide 23-24

Montana fly fish magazine annette russ profile

Lady of the Line

Yellowstone River reroute map

Yellowstone Reroute Reversal

Montana history

Spilling the Beans

Tricked out trucks prizes

Tricked-Out Trucks Photo Contest

john meyer cottonwood environmental law

Against the Grain: John Meyer

Hunt Right

Full Gravity Day 2023

Full Gravity Day 2023

Bannack Montana

Ghosts & Gangs

Tricked Out Trucks Contest Graphic

Tricked-Out Trucks Contest

hot spring, winter

Season's Greetings

80s fire crew

Passing the Pulaski


Review: Biolite BaseCharge 600

Blue Light Guide 2023-24

Blue Light Outdoor Guide 2023-24

Elk hunting Montana

Elk in a Barrel

Outside Bozeman office petting zoo

Pet Project

hiking, trails

Stone Creek Road Lawsuit | Trail Info

Montana Fly Fish 2023 cover

Montana Fly Fishing Magazine 2023

Spin Fishing Missouri

The Roads Less Traveled

Painted Hills trail

Painted Hills Trail

Boulder Hopping

whitetail, cwd, chronic wasting disease

Waste Not, Want Not

mountain biking forbidden dreadnought montana

Riding High

canoeing, missouri breaks, missouri river

Breaking the Ice

Bison in field

Blood Memory

biking, trails, bear canyon

Bear Canyon Trail

Montana mountains in fall

Listen to the Mountains | Stalk Hunting Guide

Bridger migration project ridge raptor

Bird's Eye View

Puppies for sale

Bird-Dog Puppies

lowercase m

Lowercase "m" Trail

Tricked Out Trucks Contest Graphic

Tricked-Out Trucks

Night mountain biking

Night Rider


Paradise Found

hunting access permission

Get the Green Light

Corbly Gulch Trail

Biking Helena Capitol

Ride & Shine

fly fishing gallatin river

Freestone Fun

grizzly bear, safety

Bear Safety: Staying Sharp

Trail running with dog Bear Trap Canyon

Breaking the Shackles

hidden lakes

Hidden Lakes Trail

Outdoor abby relationship dating

Outdoor Abby

Prepare for the Bear

archery bow hunt montana

Archery Essentials

Outside Bozeman Fall 2023

Outside Bozeman Fall 2023

Emigrant Peak Trail

Trail of the Week: Emigrant Peak

PVR Hunt Raffle

Trail Running at Missouri Headwaters

Drinking from the Source

hunting, ethics, hunter ethics,

Moral Compass

grouse hunt decked drawers

Bird Hunting | Stalk Hunting Guide

mountain biking, garnet trail, gallatin canyon

Garnet Mountain Trail

OB Summer 23 Spoof cover

O/B Summer: Bear Spray vs. Guns

angry bear

A Bad Day in Bear Country


Useful Knots

Lionhead Mountain Biking

Hell on Wheels

hiking, trails, bozeman, summer

Kirk Hill Trail

Dream vs. Reality, Camping Nightmares, Bears

Dream vs. Reality: When Things Go Bump in the Night 

Housing Development in Bridger Foothills

Love it or Lose It

Down the Drain

Selective social film wild sheep foundation


mountain biking, south cottonwood, trails

Trail of the Week: South Cottonwood 

Daniel Teitelbaum

Photo Spotlight: Daniel Teitelbaum

How far will you go Anna Beltramo Scotland

How Far Will You Go?

Life after Fire illustration

Life After Fire

Trails, wildflowers

Trail of the Week: Moser Creek Loop


Forest Fenn's O/B Treasure: Winner Interview

George Bird Grinnell on glacier

Conservation Takes Flight

swimming, lake, alpine lake, hiking

Lava Lake Trail

Jack Taylor Staff Photo 2

Instagram Spotlight: Jack Taylor

Fish splashing

Arts & Culture

Hiking in Bear Trap Canyon

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Outstanding in the Field

Dining Afield

MCV Summer Conservation Tour

MCV: Bozeman Pint Night

Hyalite, hiking, trails

Hyalite Creek Trail

Doug Peacock with spear

Tooth & Nail

pollution, gallatin River, big sky, bozeman

History Repeating

Issue Flip Through: Summer '23

Leverich, mountain biking

Trail of the Week: Leverich Canyon Trail

Outside Bozeman Summer 2023 Cover

Summer '23 Digital Edition

Sex on the Fly

Summer Skiing in the Beartooths

Fisherman in boat with fish in net

Let 'Em Run

Trail of the Week: Chestnut Mountain 

Phil Knight on Grand Teton

The High Life

Band on stage at Montana folk festival butte

Montana Folk Festival

Bear spray in face

KING Lab Report | Video

Fly fishing on the madison river

South by Southwest

Trail of the Week: Sacagawea Peak

kid surfing ob sticker

Stick to It 

Livingston wind-block

Livingston Wind Block

Pillory bad campers messy camps

Pillory: Bad Campers

Storm Castle Peak, Gallatin Canyon

Trail of the Week: Storm Castle

Nelson Labs Giveaway

Montana Summer Giveaway- Nelson Labs

Summer Trails Challenge

Private Property No Trespassing Sign

Clouded Judgement

mountain biking, stone creek,

Stone Creek Trail

Fenns OB Treasure

Fenn's O/B Treasure

Outside Montana Adventures

Outside Montana Adventures

Grassy Mountain Trail

Man crossing raging river whitewater on log

Lost in Space

Bozeman, Montana, Mountain Strong

Dream vs. Reality: Spring Fitness

Trail Running Sypes Canyon

M to Sypes Canyon Trail

Sypes Canyon Running

More Miles, More Trails

Outside Bozeman Summer 2023 Cover

O/B Summer 2023 Issue

Billionaire Surcharge, access Montana, public land, public access

Paying for the Right to Roam

Fly fishing firehole river Yellowstone

Casting in the Caldera

Ennis Golf Course

Montana Mulligans

Ousel Falls Park Trail

trend-setting, Bozeman, Fly-fishing, Outside Bozeman  magazine

Ahead of the Curve

Climbing Humbug Spires Cyclops

Jamming the One-Eyed Monster

Rattlesnake on trail

The Snake Days of Spring

Bozeman Creek Trail

Rafting Vs. Kayaking face-off

Rafting vs. Kayaking

House Rock Runoff: June 2022

Copper City Biking

outside bozeman deals

O/B Store

Running a rapid in a ducky, rafting


Baldy Blitz, Bozeman

Trail of the Week: Mt. Baldy

Picking up trash, Bozeman spring cleaning, clean-ups

Spring Cleaning

outdoors and offline podcast thumbnail

Outdoors & Offline: Mike England

Mother's Day Caddis Hatch, Rainbow trout with legs, evolution

Bait & Switch

Makoshika State Park | Cape Air Giveaway 

outside bozeman paddle power flyer

Paddle Power

Sklar Bikes, Adam Sklar, Gravel Grinding, Bozeman

Grinding Gravel

Gallatin River Timeline

Gallatin River Timeline

Trail runner in forest old man

Raging While Aging

A Bad Day in Bear Country

Bargain, gear, discount, bozeman, shop, equipment, montana

Bargain Bins

Trails, horseback riding, madison buffalo jump

Trail of the Week: Madison Buffalo Jump

outside bozeman paddle power flyer

Paddle Power

Bozeman Dooathlon dog poop scoop competition

Just Doo It

How Far Will You Go?

Bear Trap Canyon Trail Winter Running with Dog

Trail of the Week: Bear Trap Canyon

CAST 2023 cover

Cast Fishing Guide 2023

rock climber montana lingo

Climber's Catalog

staff photo 2022

Sales & Marketing Associate

Gravel biking dirt road in Helena

Ride & Shine

skiing, nordic, yellowstone

Tower Junction Nordic Trails

Bonus Weekend

Red Lodge Bonus Weekend

Big Sky Snowmobiling

Weekender: Big Sky

senate bill 442 phil juliano

Senate Bill 442: Email

biking, yellowstone, buffalo

Biking YNP: Far From the Maddening Crowds

Land access in Montana

By the Numbers: Land Access (Digital Edition)

How Far Will You Go?

Bison, Elk, Pronghorn Gardiner Beattie gulch

In the Crosshairs

Mt. Ellis Ski Tour

Ski Tour: Mount Ellis

kid surfing ob sticker

Stick to It 

Outside Bozeman digital edition

O/B Spring Digital Edition

Dream Vs. Reality alpine starts

Dream vs. Reality: Alpine Starts

trails, state parks, hiking, winter

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

bozeman, montana, dog walking, trails, mountains

Dog-Friendly Parks

Reel Rock 17

Reel Rock 17 Film Tour

outside bozeman paddle power flyer

Paddle Power Giveaway

Hiking in burnt forest shed hunting

Passing the Torch

Outside Bozeman digital edition

Spring 23 Digital Edition

Cross-country skiing, novice skier, nordic

Nordic Trails

Bear Canyon Trail Winter

Tour of the Week: Bear Canyon Nordic Trail

O/B Contributor: Don Thomas

bozeman climate, montana, melting, snow, winters, rising temperatures

Mercury Rising

outside bozeman, contest, passport spot, montana, skiing, backcountry, sluice box

Outdoor Passport

snailhorn bighorn sheep quake lake taylor hilgard

RIP: Snailhorn

Ski Tour: Beehive Basin

ice skating, beall park

Extra Credit

Contests and Giveaways

skiing vs. snowboarding, bozeman, montana, humor

Face-Off: Skiing vs. Snowboarding

nordic skiing, cross country, bozeman

Sunset Hills & Highland Glen

2023 Fly Fishing Film Tour

F3T Tour

Crosscut Mountain Sports Center Bozeman Montana Nordic Ski

Cruisin' at Crosscut

boztradamus, bozeman, humor, montana, yellowstone club


nordic skiing, cross country, bozeman, goose creek

Goose Creek Nordic Skiing

Spire Climbing Center Spring Fling 2023

Spire Spring Fling

ice climbing, hyalite canyon, bozeman, montana, climber

Breaking into Ice Climbing

snowboarding, cooke city, backcountry, montana, bozeman, mountains

Winter at Last

backcountry skiing, ski touring, yellowstone national park

Tour of the Week: Bacon Rind

Tony Chiariello, Bridger Bowl, Bidgers, Bozeman, montana, skiing

Bound and Determined

Whitelist O/B

Resident Rights

Brackett Creek nordic ski bridger canyon montana

Brackett Creek Nordic Trails

photographer in snow

Instagram Spotlight

outside bozeman tailgate history rock

Triumphant Tailgates

bear trap, bozeman, montana, paddle, rafting,

Chills & Thrills

Crosscut Mountain Sports Center Bozeman Montana Nordic Ski

Laugh & Learn

Ski Tour: Lick Creek

outside bozeman skiing tailgate contest

Triumphant Tailgates

skiing, bozeman, montana, guide, humor

Secret's Out

pallet fire, bonfire, stewardship

Clear Your Pallet

Best in the West Showdown

Big Sky Skijoring

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Nordic skiing, outside bozeman

Mammoth Adventure

ski tailgate, montana, bozeman, skiing, party

Triumphant Tailgates 

gardiner, montana, western town, yellowstone park, bozeman

Gardiner Low-Down

Hyalite Canyon Nordic

Hyalite Nordic Trails

Gardiner, yellowstone park, Roosevelt arch, montana, bozeman

Wake of the Flood

skimo, bozeman, Bridger bowl, skin in the game, montana, bridgers

Skin in the Game

Free Outside Premiere

Free Outside

Z Chute, Averi Iris, bozeman, montana, snowy mountains painting, western art

Winter Haikus

backcountry skiing, ski touring, yellowstone

Ski Tour: Telemark Meadows

kids skiing, bozeman, montana, instruction, mountain

Steep It Up

Skiing, west yellowstone, nordic skiing, cross country, montana, bozeman

Sanctuary City

how far will you go outside bozeman

How Far Will You Go?

bozeman, montana, snow, kids, winter, outside

Precious Cargo

montana, skiing, ski area, showdown, winter, mountains, bozeman

Less is More

ski film art

Banff Mountain Film Festival Ticket Giveaway

Bozeman Creek Trail

outside bozeman tailgate history rock

Triumphant Tailgates

Banff Mountain Film Festival

For the Love of Mountains

Early Bridger Bowl, Montana, Bozeman, skiing

Time Warp

outdoor beer photo contest

Outdoor Beer Photo Contest