Instagram Photo Spotlight

photographer in snow

Want your photo featured on our Instagram? Each week, we'll pick a submission, caption it with your backstory, and send you $25—just enough for a round of beers to celebrate. So send us your best shot, write a couple sentences about the photographic experience, and keep an eye out. (If we really like your photo, we'll keep it on file for a future print edition.)

General guidelines:
–Images should be at least 2,000 pixels on the long edge.
–For the caption, tell us the story behind the shot, and perhaps a few words on your background as a photographer. If there's a model/athlete in the photo, tell us about him or her, too.
–Check the "Add me to photo call list" box if you'd like us to reach out for photos to use in our print issues. Read our guidelines for print submissions here.
–If you have a personal website, add the URL and we'll link to that from our Instagram.
–You will still hold the rights to your photos; we won't use them outside of Instagram or a future print issue of O/B.

One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.