Outdoor Passport

Get a stamp in your Blue Light Guide.

If you’ve just arrived in Bozeman, you’re surely eager to get out and explore our great outdoors. But where to start? Easy—just let your fingers do the walking. Throughout the Activities section of our annual Blue Light Guide, we’ve sprinkled in some of our favorite destinations for each outdoor activity. These “Passport Spots” are approachable for beginners, but equally exciting for experienced folks.

We want to see how much fun you’re having out there, so swing by our office with a photo from your outing at a Passport Spot and get a stamp on that page. As you rack up stamps and share cool photos, you’ll be in the running for prizes from our Treasure Chamber—a fully-loaded gear-and-apparel closet that’ll make your head spin. Take a gander at the Blue Light website to learn more. And if you’ve got a particularly funny, creative, or spectacular photo, we’ll post it on our Instagram page.

So what are you waiting for? Pack the guide, get outside, and start exploring!