Bustin’ It in Butte

Band on stage at Montana folk festival butte

The Montana Folk Festival kicks off another year.

This Friday kicks off the tenth annual Montana Folk Festival in Butte. At the venue, you’ll find arts and performances of all kinds—way more than just great folk music. In fact, the festivities have evolved to such a massive and colorful variety of acts that calling this a “folk festival” feels like an understatement. Even so, the festival still insists that the original traditions and feelings have been preserved. Regardless, whether it’s your first or tenth year attending, you’re in for a great time once again.

Highlights include the Korean Performing Arts Institute of Chicago, Catherine Russell in the jazzy swing & blues department, the Blue Ridge Girls playing Appalachian folk music, and more. There’s Native American traditional drumming music. There’s Puerto Rican cuatro playing. And of course, some good ol’ rock & roll. The list goes on. It’s sure to be a beautifully eclectic weekend of art, music, and dancing.

When it comes to the town itself, Butte is full of character and has plenty of opportunities to fill a weekend of shopping, eating, outdoor recreation, and learnin' up on Montana history. If you’re looking for a place to stay, the Miner’s Hotel should be your first choice. It’s located in uptown Butte right in the heart of the action and will give you some truly special access to the area. Word on the street is there’s even a speakeasy-type bar down below if you can find your way in. Stroll on through town and check out all the other shops as well. You’ll pass by quirky restaurants and whimsical western boutiques all across town. 5518 Designs is one of those shops worth popping into. You’ll be able to fully get into character with homegrown clothing designs and other Montana-inspired goods. Once you start to feel hungry, swing on by Casagranda’s Steakhouse and grab some classic Montana cuisine or a dish with a bit more of a twist. That's up to you, but you're sure to be happy either way.

Like most towns in the area, there are countless activities and adventurous ways to spend your free time in the great outdoors near Butte. Here are a few things worth trying when you have some time to sneak away from the festival.

This festival has managed to stay totally free of charge for all these years, due largely in part to generous donations from businesses and festival goers alike. Please consider making an impact by contributing monetarily, even in a small way. Donate here.