Book: Creekin' for Dummies

Book Creekin' for Dummies, whitewater kayaking, rafting

Ever have the desire to paddle big water—I’m talkin’ really freakin’ big water, like Yellowstone Falls kinda big—but just don’t have the time to learn? Well, I did too, and thankfully there’s a way to have our cake and eat it, too. Local whitewater paddler and lawn-mower extraordinaire, “Bro” Kinbody, penned a short, easy-to-read, incredibly helpful handbook for folks looking to get on the fast-track to running waterfalls in a kayak. Creekin’ for Dummies (Brown Claw Publishing, $20) provides all the necessary know-how to successfully launch your body and boat off precipices 60 feet and above (turns out, anything below 60 is fairly intuitive). This 72-page manual covers everything from boofing to splatting to plugging and more. Before I picked it up, I was nervous to run the upper Gallatin. Now, after reading it cover-to-cover in one sitting, I have the confidence of a magnet attracting paper clips. Just this past week, I’ve run the Stillwater, East Rosebud, and Big Timber Creek—and I’m still alive to tell the tales! Trust me on this, if you’ve ever in your life thought about what it would be like to throw yourself off a waterfall, read Creekin’ for Dummies. You’ll be hucking in no time, and without all that tedious on-water training.