Stick It to 'Em

Spend enough time in an outdoor community like Bozeman, and you'll notice something—stickers, stickers, everywhere! On bumpers, water bottles, lamp posts, ski lifts, mini fridges, regular fridges, laptops, snowboards... the list goes on. People like their stickers and they often get creative with them. But for the seriously sticker-enthused, placement is only half the fun. Nowadays, stickers often have meaning. They can be a public display of who you are and what you do, like, or believe—and, of course, what you think is funny.

At O/B, we're no different. We've got a boatload of stickers, and they generally have meaning. Each of our publications has a different design, sometimes multiple ones. We've even got some snarky stickers. So if you read us and like our style, spread the word, show your support, and slap a sticker on something. Snark stickers can be bought online, and for publication-specific stickers, swing by the office at 313 W. Mendenhall and we'll hook you up with a handful.

It's important that our stickers are durable, waterproof, and as ready for adventure as our readers. That's why we get our outdoor stickers from

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The entire Outside Media Group sticker suite.