Montana's Trailhead

Visit Billings this summer. 

When was the last time you visited your friendly neighbor to the east, Billings? Why would you? You’ve got it pretty good right where you are. But I bet it's been a while, and Billings is so much more than Montana’s largest city. It’s got the culture, it’s got the events, and believe it or not, it’s got the outdoor recreation. Here’s how to spend your weekend at "Montana’s Trailhead.” 

Billings Rims
The sandstone bluffs surrounding Billings vary in height from 300-500 feet above the city. These bluffs, affectionately known as the Rims, or Rimrocks, offer miles of trails and history and are perfect for running, biking, or just taking in the view. From the top, enjoy panoramas of five different mountain ranges: the Beartooths, Bulls, Pryors, Crazies, and Bighorns. History buffs will enjoy the Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site, which opens this summer and celebrates the life and times of Luther Sage “Yellowstone” Kelly, fabled army veteran and colorful character of the American West. 

Walkable Brewery District
Six breweries, two distilleries, and one cider house all within a walkable, 1.5-mile loop. You heard correctly. Non-beer fans (those exist?) will enjoy the delicious food and historic stops along the way. You could plan a whole getaway just to this loop.

Yellowstone River
There are a variety of options along the lower Yellowstone, so take the time to enjoy the river's other half. Kayaking, fishing, and nature walks add to your experience on the Yellowstone, and the broad, high-volume character of the river here is worlds apart from the Paradise Valley stretch. 

Pictographs, Pompey’s Pillar, and the Little Bighorn
Billings is filled with historical beauty nestled alongside outdoor adventure. Pictograph Caves State Park combines easy trails with 2,000-year-old cave paintings. Pompey’s Pillar National Monument offers the only physical evidence of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Stand in William Clark’s footsteps and look upon his signature carved over 200 years ago. An hour outside of town, at the Little Bighorn Battlefield, see the fight as General Custer did in 1876 when he made his last stand against Sitting Bull and the Lakota. 

Hopefully this goes without saying, but sometimes we need a reminder. Billings boasts the Art Alley, incredible museums, unique shopping, theaters, and tons more. But it won’t come find you—go looking for it after a day afield. You'll be sure to see why Outside named it America's best town.