Review: Kate's Real Food Tram Bar

On long, arduous outings, occasional re-fuelings are essential. And while energy bars are a dime a dozen, healthy, tasty, filling bars are not. Luckily, our sister-city to the southeast, Jackson, WY, boasts one of the best: the Tram Bar by Kate’s Real Food.  Inspired by long, ravenous ski days, the Tram Bar is loaded with organic, all-natural calories, to quell that growling gut and renew your sagging spirit. The sweet-and-salty flavor from chocolate, peanut butter, and oats—that doesn’t hurt, either. If that classic combo’s not your thing (weirdo), try the Bivy Bar or the Tiki Bar, both of which have tropical fruit instead of chocolate.

Available at area stores; $2.50.