Review: Osmo Power Fuel

In a world where there’s a supplement for this and a powder for that, it doesn’t always pay off to create a do-it-all product anymore. Osmo Nutrition doesn’t seem to be bothered by this trend of specialization. Their Power Fuel drink mix takes a unique approach to performance enhancers by helping with every stage of activity, from preparation and execution to recovery.

Before and during activity, the Power Fuel facilitates improved hydration with rapid uptake and retention of liquids in the body. Then, after a workout, Power Fuel kickstarts muscle repair and replenishes nutrients. It can also be used as a general carb filler for diet planners and those who count macronutrients. But above all else, I enjoy how it isn’t overly sweet like other drink additives out there—just a little bit of flavor enhancement and a lotta bit of performance enhancement. $35;