Review: ActivatedYou Morning Complete

Bozeman's an active community, so most of us are all (relatively) healthy people. But sometimes health gets sacrificed for time. For those us trying to up both the pace and our health game, a robust daily supplement is awfully appealing—especially one that easily slips into a morning glass of water.

When time is of the essence, the ActivatedYou Morning Complete wellness drink is a pleasant addition to a busy morning. This supplement powder is effortless to incorporate, cutting excuses off at the knees. A few swigs and you’re out the door. The apple-cinnamon-flavored drink is tasty, and jam-packed with prebiotics, probiotics, green superfoods, and a unique metabolic blend for overall health.

Morning Complete also helps sustain energy levels throughout the day. For many, the 3pm crash is inevitable, and the search to combat the chronic afternoon bonk can be endless. But after two weeks of scooping the green powder, my body began to digest food more effectively, leaving me feeling more energetic and healthier throughout the day. No more blood sugar crashes and a lot less coffee.

All in all, this drink is tasty and leaves me feeling healthy, refreshed, and revitalized—a great way to start the day.

Available online; $79.