"Usually, publications based around a particular area don’t provide much substance, just glossy ads amid poorly written articles about the area’s 'local attractions.' Snore. However, when I opened up Outside Bozeman and found myself intrigued, chuckling aloud, and actually earmarking pages as I read, I must say I was impressed! Substance, humor, and useful information – good work y’all!”  –Kate N., Kate's Real Food

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  • Outside Bozeman is the only focused, active-lifestyle publication in southwest Montana?
  • Outside Bozeman has a highly competitive CPM (cost per thousand readers)?
  • Outside Bozeman has better local/regional distribution than any other Montana-based magazine? 
  • Outside Bozeman's readers span the economic spectrum, from college students to doctors and everyone in between?
  • Half of Outside Bozeman's readers are female?
  • Half of Outside Bozeman's readers make more than $50k per year?

In short, Outside Bozeman may be more than you think. If you want to deliver your message to 50,000 engaged, outdoor-oriented readers each season, advertise with us.

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