Photo Submissions


Photography Submission Guidelines
Contact: Simon Peterson, Photo Editor
Please email with any questions. Following guidelines closely will enhance chances of publication, and that means labeling caption info in the METADATA!

For All Submissions
-Images should be named by subject followed by a hyphen and the photographers’ first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and number of the image (example: Hyalite-SPeterson_01.jpg). Please do not include spaces, periods, or slashes in image title.

-Please attach proper contact information including photographer’s name, address and phone number.

-We do not return digital or CD submissions unless requested by the photographer.

-If the photographer has athlete or location info to be included in the caption, please identify this in the metadata or a cover letter where applicable, including the exact information to be printed.

-Due to space we cannot guarantee caption info will be used, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Digital Files
Resolution: 300 ppi [minimum 1-2 MB]
Cover images: 300 ppi / 9”w x 12”h [minimum]
Submission: Email or online delivery submissions are preferred. Please refer to the individual guidelines below.

Online Delivery Submissions: Send a zipped folder of high-res images via Dropbox, Wetransfer, Hightail, or another online delivery service. is preferred.

Email Submissions: [10 MB email max] convert to JPEG.

CD Submissions: 300 dpi / RGB - JPG
*Label CD with name and contact information.
*Please provide printed contact sheet if available.

Slide Submissions: Please label each slide with the requested naming scheme below. Please do not include spaces, periods, or slashes in image title.

We generally pay 30 days after publication. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later; but 30 days is the typical timeframe. Rates are as follows:

-Cover: $350
-Outlook / 2 pg. spread (no text): $250
-2 pg. spread w/ text overlay: $200
-Full pg: $125
-1/2 pg.: $75
-1/4 pg. or smaller: $25

-If an image has been previously published in another publication or recently submitted for publication, please advise us where and when.

-Images published in the magazine may also be published as a small spot usage for a web teaser or newsletter linking back to the original editorial content online.

-We appreciate the time you put into submissions; however we cannot guarantee usage. Images submitted to Outside Bozeman Magazine will be kept on file for use in future issues. If you are only submitting for use in the current issue please note that in your submission.

-Images used within the magazine can be used along with the original editorial content on If you require a ©watermark for web images, please alert us when you submit.

-We prefer high-res photo submissions as this increases the chance of photos getting used and makes selection easier for us, however, we will also accept low res submissions for preview.

Thank you for contributing to Outside Bozeman. We look forward to your submissions.