Websites We Like

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all sick and tired of hearing about already. So in hope that we can help everyone remember that the internet should help people enjoy their lives, not be their lives, here are a few of our favorite outdoor-oriented websites. Maybe we can drum up a little more interest in the finer things in life instead of worrying about how many “cyberfriends” everyone has.

For a long time, we thought this site was for wusses, but we’re singing another tune. Travel Montana is a good “list” site; that is, it’s a great place to find lists of all the scenic drives in an area, for example, or a list of Montana’s ghost towns. A great jumping-off point for excursion-planning research.

This is the site for the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center. It provides updated avalanche advisories, weather conditions, daily podcasts, and lists of avalanche education courses. Everything you need to know about Montana’s avalanches is here.

For some of the best weather data on the web, check out the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration website. There are lots of great graphics, detailed hard data, and forecasts. Great for anyone heading into the backcountry any time of year.

This is the website for the Bozeman Recreation and Parks Advisory Board. It’s shocking how much information about local leagues and community groups is there, as well as events scheduled for local parks and community centers.

This website is a great place for mountaineers to search for climbs/peaks. There are great photos of each destination. There is also a discussion forum for planning trips and getting information from other climbers.

Here's where you go to find the soundtracks to your favorite ski and snowboard movies. Sister site is

A (see page 43) knockoff. It offers one discounted gear item at a time, but you're the seller. Each item gets three minutes to sell.

Another knockoff. This one offers one discounted gear item at midnight and sells until it's gone. Sign up for alerts. Check out the "History of the Militia" page for a refresher on gearhead lingo.