Walk This Way

Livingston's in-town trails

From almost anywhere in Livingston, you can enjoy stunning views of the Crazy Mountains, the Absaroka Range, or the Gallatin Range. But you don’t have to leave town to get on a trail. Just a few years ago, there were very few trails around town. Nowadays, miles of paths wind through the city, and a master plan is underway to grow the system. Pick one of the trails below and explore the Yellowstone River, climb over sculptures, or spy a beaver lodge in local wetlands.

Bozeman Connector Trail
This one-mile (one-way) trail passes by wetlands filled with willow, red-winged blackbirds perched on cattails, chickadees, mallards, deer, and a beaver lodge. The trail follows a plateau above the ponds, so hop down the rocks and get to know the critters that live there. Extend the trail by heading from the ball fields to the opposite terminus at Meredith Ranch Road, then turn right and walk around the cemetery. There are two poop-bag stations and dogs must be on a leash.

Access: Northern Lights Road between Jack Weimer Memorial Park and Mountain View Cemetery.

Livingston Depot Center Trail
This paved and gravel trail parallels Park St. and Hwy. 89 from the Depot to a bench across from East River Road. It’s flat and exposed, which means it can be windblown in winter and hot during summer. On the right day, it’s a great way to cover some miles on foot or bike and reach river-access points, including Carter’s Bridge. There are plans to extend this bike trail all the way to Yellowstone Park. You can do it now by detouring onto Old Yellowstone Trail after a short (and scary) ride on Hwy. 89 from the trail’s end.

Access: Livingston Depot, or various points along the trail.

Moja Park Trail / Mayor’s Landing
This off-leash dog park used to be a landfill. It’s pretty mowed down and more dirt patch than park, but it’s still better than a dump. The trail loops beside the Yellowstone River and Fleshman Creek, then winds into the woods. Kids and dogs enjoy climbing over the old bike jumps and running in and out of the trees. There are three dog bag stations, but they are often empty, so bring your own bags.

Access: End of View Vista Road, at the Mayor’s Landing FAS.

Myers River View Trail
The two-mile lollipop loop is one of the newer trails in town. In the fall of 2008, Remote Studio designed and built structures along the Yellowstone River and in the parkland around the trail, making it a particularly engaging walk. The trail is flat—good for walking or biking with the whole family. The area is a conservation easement from the Myers family, who still ranches on the other side of the fence, so keep dogs on leash and be good trail patrons. Make sure to grab a poop bag at either end of the trail.

Access: East Park, just east of the Yellowstone River Bridge.

Sacajawea Trail
This popular gravel trail follows the Yellowstone River dike from the 9th St. Bridge to a bench behind the ball fields. The trail from the Miles Park Bandshell to the bench is off-leash for dogs.

Access: Sacajawea Park near the river, behind the Civic Center, or from the baseball fields behind Park High.

Bitterroot Trail
Livingston’s newest trail is the Bitterroot Trail leading from Bitterroot St. to North 9th St. and the north side soccer fields. While short, it’s part of Livingston’s developing trail connectivity and a nice way to get to soccer practice. Trees were planted in the fall and the future looks shady.

Access: Near North 12th St. and Bitterroot St.