Review: XTRATUF Auna Sandals

As young adults in supremely casual southern California, my friends and I all owned two pairs of flip-flops (we called them "thongs" back then, before a certain style of ladies' underwear became popular). The first pair was for everyday wear; the second, for going out. We searched long and hard for a single pair to serve both functions, to no avail. Would that XtraTuf had made thongs—er, flip-flops—in those days, and especially the Auna Sandal. This baby fits snug and has a grippy sole—both on top, for your sweaty foot, and underneath, for slick surfaces—allowing active movement; and it's comfortable and looks nice, too, with its sleek, two-tone style and suede strap. Throw in a cushy footbed, which prevents the usual pain from long walks on concrete and asphalt, and it seems that XtraTuf has finally achieved the best of both worlds. Now I know what I'm giving my high-school buddies for Christmas. $75;

Sizing note: the Auna comes in whole sizes; I wear an 8.5 and went down to an 8, which fit perfectly.