Review: Blackstrap Brackish Hooded Sun Shirt

Ok, I'll admit it: I've got a sun-hoody problem. I have so many of them, in fact, that an entire drawer of my dresser is filled with stretchy polyester long-sleeved shirts sporting svelte hoods. And I love all of them, but ever since I picked up the Brackish Hooded Sun Shirt from Blackstrap, I've been reconsidering the rest of my collection. This shirt ticks all the boxes—the fabric is light and breathable, the cuffs have thumb loops for ease of slipping in and out of extra layers, and the hood fits just right under my climbing helmet.

But best of all? It's freakin' camo, the perfect pattern for shading oneself from the southwest-Montana sun. Gone are the days of getting funny looks when I pull up to the gas pump decked in fluorescent garb of the uphill-athlete masses. And though I'll probably never actually wear it hunting (not that it wouldn't make a great baselayer for stalking game), I've already fooled many a redneck who's given me the nod on his way back from a turkey hunt, unknowing that the sticks in my car are made for skiin' rather than shootin'. Available at Round House Sports; $70.