Review: Antopo Directissime Alpha Jacket

If you’re adamant about getting a perfect fit in your outdoor apparel, Antopo has you covered. Instead of the standard size runs offered by most brands, Antopo tailors each piece of clothing to your exact body proportions. It starts with an app that takes dozens of measurements using a couple full-body selfies taken with your phone. Antopo then uses these measurements to make custom-made apparel just for you.

The Antopo Directissime Alpha jacket resembles the grid-style fleeces popular for baselayer insulation, but with a plusher, cozier feel. Throughout several hours of skinning on a recent ski tour, I rarely had to adjust my layers. The fabric instantly wicked away sweat, but kept warmth locked in when I stopped for a break.

Not only does Antopo let you customize the fit of your apparel, but also the features. I opted for two zippered chest pockets for keeping items such as snacks, camera batteries, and my phone warm against the heat of my body. I went without hip pockets because I don’t like items getting trapped underneath my backpack’s hip belt.