Head Hunters

Top taxidermy bars.

After a long hunt, we know where you’re headed: the bar. Gathering around a table with full brews and buddies by your side, recounting triumphs and blunders, is a tradition of its own. And no bar is better suited to this autumnal ritual than one lined with impressive mounts—yes, the rustic charms of taxidermy bars. And in Montana, there are plenty to choose from.

 the sport, livingston, taxidermy barssnow creek saloon, taxidermy bars
The Sport, Livingston                                                        Snow Creek Saloon, Red Lodge

The Buffalo Bar down in West Yellowstone is a classic. Home to various buck and bull mounts, this place will pique your hunting fervor as you sit down for a round. In Columbus, the New Atlas holds the legendary two-headed calf, mounted since 1961, as well as a plethora of other animals. Closer to home, check out the Sport in Livingston—old wood, rustic bar mirrors, and everything from mink to badger to bison, with a big ol’ bear standing over it all. If you find yourself up in Augusta, don’t miss the small-town experience of the Buckhorn—its collection of European mounts will make you drool with envy. Innumerable other spots sport ungulate mounts on the walls, so keep your own head on a swivel this season as you swing into Montana’s small-town bars after the hunt.

taxidermy bars, moose head, mount
The Buffalo Bar, West Yellowstone