What You Liked

With ten years of Outside Bozeman articles archived online, there’s lots to read about recreation in southwest Montana. Every so often, we do a tally of the stories that get the most hits. To check them out, go to outsidebozeman.com and click on the magazine cover on the upper right. You can then search by author or subject.

1. For Goodness Snakes
Snakes are part of the Montana experience, and Montana Quarterly managing editor Megan Ault describes the area's coolest, most poisonous, and most harmless—and what to do if a snake takes a bite of you.

2. Some Like It Hot
The Bozeman area alone is home to dozens of hot springs, some developed into posh resorts, others as primitive and remote as they were when Lewis and Clark passed through. Editor Mike England’s overview of Outside Bozeman’s favorite wintertime soaks.

3. Because You're Doing It Wrong
Learn how to sound like you know what you're talking about when it comes to skiing. Author Drew Pogge, famous for stirring up controversy, translates real-world ski slang and shows you how to insult other skiers with style.