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Finding lady rec partners.

Everyone knows there are A LOT of dudes in outdoor sports—especially in Brozeman. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself on a trail, ski lift, or bike outnumbered at least three to one. Don’t get me wrong, I like to go outside with guys, but going outside with other gals is just—different. The energy, the support, the conversations, the humor, the tasteful fashion (use of glitter and color-coordinated outerwear)… it’s just different. And often it makes for a completely different type of day outside.

The reality is, many women here want more female recreation partners.

When I first came to Bozeman, recreating with mostly dudes was the norm, and for a long time I didn’t mind it. But after a while, as I made this place my home, I realized how many kickass women there are in this town. As I began getting out more and more with other gals, I realized just how special—and often more fun—it is biking, climbing, running, and skiing with like-minded ladies.

The reality is, many women here want more female recreation partners. So, if you’re new to town, new to a sport, or just want to expand your recreation-partner roster, here are some local groups and resources to help you along.

Backcountry Squatters
Though this is technically a nationwide college club, the Bozeman branch of Backcountry Squatters has evolved into a network of outdoor-minded young ladies. The Facebook page is the name of the game with this group. Members post often about seeking partners for upcoming outings, news, events, gear for sale, and even housing (I found my current living situation through this group).

Bozeman Pedal Project
This one’s for all the biking babes out there. It’s safe to say biking falls on the extreme side of the male-dominated spectrum, therefore finding other gals and building community in the sport can be exceptionally challenging. Hence, the Bozeman Pedal Project. This group facilitates group rides—both road and mountain—for women of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Group-ride information can be found on their Facebook page.

Mountain Belles
A 21-plus club, Mountain Belles caters to women looking to find and expand their recreation circles. This group organizes a variety of group activities to encourage busy Bozeman ladies to meet up and get after it. Whether it’s cross-country skiing, hiking, bird-watching, or anything in between, this group provides a plethora of outings for all types of recreators. Information and event announcements are available on their Facebook Page.

The Bozeman Network
This one involves the social network that is the very town of Bozeman. If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll find Bozeman is a spider web of everyone knowing someone—it’s one of the best things about Bozeman. The Bozeman Network makes reaching out to your gal friends and friends-of-friends effortless. It’s pretty dang easy to persuade other Bozeman lady-crushers to do something outside. Ask around, invite, and be outgoing—it’s a surefire way to land some new adventure partners.