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Online socials for outdoor enthusiasts.

In this day and age, you can find just about anything on the internet—apart from a real-life, genuine outdoor experience, that is. But to point you in the right direction before an outing, or to get reports on recent conditions, or even to buy and sell gear, there’s an online group for each of our favorite activities. For a small sampling, check out these on Facebook, and head here for more beta.

Hiking Bozeman Forum
This large group of active Bozemanites is all about trail conditions and pertinent information about hikes. You’ll find suggestions of popular trails and hidden gems, along with frequent lost-and-found postings. With over 13,000 members, this online assemblage will help you find the right path.

Bozeman Trail Running
This is a home for runners to discuss trail conditions, events, and races, and to find running partners as well. Note: this group doesn’t buy or sell gear. If you’re looking for other ladies to run with, check out Lady Runners: Bozeman for a supportive and inviting community.

Bozeman Backcountry
Throw a pebble on Main Street on a Saturday with no new snow at Bridger, and odds are you’ll hit a skier. And navigating such a big community can be difficult. But with this group, people of all skill levels can connect with fellow skiers and boarders. For gear sales, check out the Bozeman Ski Gear Buy/Sell/Trade group.

Bozeman Whitewater
If you’re a whitewater enthusiast, joining this group is a must. With 1,700 members and lots of activity, this group makes it easy to buy and sell gear, coordinate trips and shuttles, and get in the loop on events.

Montana Fly Fishing
This is an all-purpose angling group. You’ll find lots of photos of proud catches, inquiries about hatches and fish activity, and even some buy-sell-trade posts for fishing gear.


Bozeman Area Climbing
Many crags surround Bozeman, making it a climber’s paradise. This group is great for finding climbing partners, buying and selling gear, coordinating trail-work efforts, and learning about ways to be more active in protecting the wilderness character of southwest Montana.

Southwest Montana Ice Conditions
Bozeman is home to an ice-climbing mecca: Hyalite Canyon. With hundreds of routes, Hyalite can be a difficult place to navigate. This active group of more than 3,000 members helps newbies and experts alike find climbing partners, see how ice in the region is forming, and shop for used gear from seasoned locals.