Nemoura Stonefly

Sling it this spring. 

Every spring, fishermen anxiously await the skwala stonefly hatch, largely ignoring the skwala’s smaller cousin, the nemoura. While mostly flightless and overshadowed by their famous kin, nemoura make up a staple of the trout’s spring diet. I started tying this pattern years ago for the Bitterroot and found it equally effective here in southwest Montana. Added bonus: switch the foam from black to tan, and this pattern becomes an effective summer stone as well.

Hook: Montana Fly #7000 standard dry-fly hook in #12 or #14
Thread: 6/0, black
Wing: Widow’s Web, smoke
Indicator: 1/16” peach or pink foam
Legs: Black and white variegated silicone legs
Body: Tan and black craft-foam glued together and cut in 1/8” strips

1. Cover your hook with thread positioned at the far back of the hook almost directly over the barb.
2. Make a slice in your multi-colored foam on the black side about 1/16” from one end and bed over the hook with the slice, sandwiching the hook.
3. Tie the foam on to the hook making your first segment and then wrapping back to make the extended segment.
4. Move thread forward on the hook and make next segment (2x).
5. Cut off remaining foam strip and bind to hook (you should be approximately 1/3” back from the eye).
6. Cut your Widow’s Web wing and tie on hook facing forward just behind the eye. Pull back, forming the bullet-head and attach where you bound your foam strip.
7. Attach legs and indicator, whip finish and glue. 

John Way is owner and outfitter at the Tackle Shop in Ennis and has guided all over Montana for 20 years.