Review: Gordini Forge Heated Gloves

Hailing from the future, Gordini’s cutting-edge Forge heated gloves are an ideal blend of comfort, function, and durability.  Along with multiple layers of outstanding craftsmanship, these “smart” gloves are fully customizable thermostat for your frosty fingers. They are nearly fuss free as the heat turns on when you’re cold and off when you’re not. For improved battery efficiency—and mental fortitude—the gloves automatically turn on and off when you slide your hands in and out. Furthermore, one can manually set a desired temp via Gordini’s app, or simply choose a specific algorithm for a host of winter activities on said app and let the gloves do the rest. Personally, I picked the skiing algorithm, and after skiing and hiking with The Forge gloves in 20-degree temps, I have yet to mess with any settings and am very impressed with how the gloves control climate. They don't get too hot, nor cold. Not to mention that they take winter tailgating coziness to a new level. $400;