Review: Acacia Electric Pump

After one night in my spacious, cozy Space Acacia tent, I understood the real value of this system: its versatility. Not only can the modular tent be used for both camping and lounging on (and in) the local pond, but the accessories serve me well on other outdoor excursions, too, thus making the investment all the more worthwhile.

To wit: as any inflatable-paddleboarder knows, pumping up a board before launch is a pain—it takes forever and damn near wears your arms out before you make your first paddlestroke. Not so with the Acacia Electric Pump, which plugs into a vehicle's 12-volt power supply and inflates my board to a whopping 16psi. Just a few more hand-pumps to top 'er off, and I'm ready to float.

The pump comes with seven different nozzles, for compatibility with any inflatable watercraft, from an IK to a raft, and includes a rechargeable battery for pumping when away from the vehicle. The digital display helps prevent under- and over-inflation, and a handy carry-case keeps everything secure. It's easy to lash down in the boat or stash in the truck.

All told, this is one handy piece of equipment, and one I'll probably use even more than the tent it came with. $160;