Review: Quick-Serve Cuisine

Easily prepared food for the backcountry. 

Some folks love to make elaborate and decadent meals when they're out in the field. For the less ambitious among you, here are some easily prepared options for your next outing.

Good To-Go Meals, Pad Thai

Good To-Go Meals

We've all been there: after a long day tracking game off-trail through backcountry, we stop to set up camp and cook some dinner, only to remember that all we packed was the same old generic dehydrated mac-and-cheese. Fret not. Now that Good To-Go has introduced a full line of flavorful favorites, your camp-kitchen misery is over. The Pad Thai and three-bean chili top our lists, but we're also grateful for the granola, which puts a fresh spin on dehydrated breakfast. Prep couldn't be easier: tear open the container, pour boiling water into the self-contained pouch, and wait. When you're done, pack out the packaging. Simple as that. $12.50;

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Alpine Start Coffee
Thanks to Boulder-based Alpine Start, you don't have to sleep like a mountaineer to drink coffee like one. Their quality instant blend is effortless to prepare but tastes like it was roasted, ground, and brewed somewhere downtown for $4 a cup. Luckily, for $9 you can buy eight servings. With savings like that, you might just start making instant at home. $9;

Durham Ranch Bison Jerky


Durham Ranch Jerky
No food item packs a better energy, nutrition, and protein punch than jerky. And almost nothing tastes as good. Add flavors like venison, bison, and wild boar and you have the perfect recipe for on-trail recharging and campfire snacking. Long day at work and no time to eat before the gym? Down some Durham Ranch jerky to hold you over and give you the much-needed pre-workout push. Price varies;