Review: Olivebon K9 Nutrition Bar

I find comfort in knowing exactly what’s in my food. I feel the same about my doggo, Scout. Ōlivebon's ingredient list is about as human grade as a treat can get, with just six ingredients and without processed preservatives or fillers. Scout devoured the Wellness: Blueberry Carob treats without hesitation. The breakable squares made the treats easy to give out and were great to bring along on our backpacking trip in the Absarokas. Scout doesn’t typically run out of energy, but it’s nice to know she had a pick me up treat along the way.

Here’s what a couple other O/B dogs thought:

“My black lab gobbled the Active: Pumpkin Beet treats right up. Dustin isn't a picky eater but he has his limits. He'll smack on most raw vegetables for a few seconds before discarding them in wet, gross pieces for me to pick off the floor. So, I presume he tastes his food. There weren't any slobbery pieces to pick up with these healthy treats—he ate it all.” —Hannah

“Seamus enjoyed the Revive: Carrot Kelp treats after a long day on the trail or hunting. After the first day, he recognized the package and was excited when I opened it. I honestly don’t know if it satiated him at all, but he had no problems with eating them and would have likely eaten the entire package in one session if I would've let him.” —Chris

Available online; $35 for a 12 pack.