Review: Guayaki Organic Energy Drinks

You’ve probably heard of yerba mate—it’s that South American tea and coffee substitute that’s only slightly less potent but much gentler on the stomach, and is rife with health benefits. California-based Guayaki uses hand-picked leaves and rainforest-grown mate to produce its all-natural Organic Energy Drinks, which they’ve somehow managed to make taste good. I tried all seven flavors and the only one I didn’t like was the Unsweetened Mate—a bit too bland for me. While it’s no double latté, the stuff did perk me up, and in a more gradual and natural-feeling way. I also noticed the same mental clarity I get from coffee, but it seemed last longer. With Guayaki using fair-trade and sustainable principles, it seems like a no-brainer to switch from Rockstar. Now all we need is some hot mate at the Leaf & Bean, for those cold spring mornings. $2.25;