Review: Gastro Gnome Thai Green Chicken Curry

Weighing in at 760 calories with 47 grams of protein, Gastro Gnome’s Thai Green Chicken Curry is bursting with flavor and plenty satisfying for the hungry adventurer. Their recipe, derived from locally-sourced ingredients and first-hand culinary experience in Thailand, offers a smooth balance of traditional green curry with a solid proportion of veggies, meat, and rice. 

After the standard 15-minute hot-water soak, the texture of the food was great. Even in below freezing conditions, the temp was piping hot, and the meal was easily digestible. Located right here in the Gallatin Valley, Gastro Gnome sources fresh, local, and often organic ingredients to create super yummy travel-ready meals. The thai green chicken curry was delicious, and I am excited to try their other flavors. Thanks to Gastro Gnome’s globetrotting culinary team, one no longer has to settle for a mediocre meal in the backcountry—and they’re all at a competitive and affordable price. Available online; $13.75.