Review: Tazz MTB Goggles

When I’m racing full speed down the side of a mountain, I need gear I can rely on—especially when it comes to eyewear. That’s why I use the Tazz MTB Goggles by Giro, and not just when it’s wet ’n cold. With these goggles, I can tackle everything from sunbaked trails to shaded and cloudy conditions, seeing clearly when it matters most—now that’s versatility.

On a big downhill day at the bike park or lapping the local jump line, sunglasses under my full-face helmet just don’t cut it. I’m willing to endure the discomfort for a little while with my sunglasses being pressed against my temples and the frames forced against my face, but eventually enough is enough. I need something more suitable for my pursuits and my style.

The Tazz goggles fit the bill, and they’re far more than a flashy accessory. They are packed with features to make the most of my ride. The first thing I noticed is their vivid lenses that improve contrast in flat-light conditions. So even on overcast days or while I’m getting blasted by the sun, I’m still able to make out the dips and lips on the trail. The next aspect that came into view was the lens’s “expansion view” feature. Essentially, it’s a curvature in the lens that enhances the field of vision and brings a wider range of surroundings into view. They are even compatible with tear offs to protect the lenses when things get messy. In short, these are my new do-it-all mountain bike goggles.