Review: Hiker's Brew Coffee

Like most Bozeman folk, we at O/B love coffee—and we're always looking for a new brew to try out. With that in mind, we sipped on a variety of roasts from Hiker's Brew. Each staffer selected a different one; here's what everyone had to say about it.

I don't normally drink flavored coffee, but the Van Life lent a hint of vanilla sweetness, which made it go down smooth, so smooth. Best cup o' joe I've had in a long time, and maybe the best camp coffee ever. —Mike

I was expecting the typical jet-fuel that's tolerated as camp coffee because there's no other option. But the Hazy Hiker hazelnut coffee is a luxury, even when sitting at the kitchen table. Waking up to a cup of this camp-side was really nice. —Hannah

There's little more disappointing than a bad cup of coffee, especially while camping. The Yurt Dirt blend was far from a bad cup of coffee—in fact, it was delicious. The dark roast is bold and flavorful, packing the perfect morning punch. Plus, the blend comes in a 12-ounce package, the ideal amount for a weekend in the woods. —Annika

People call me a coffee snob. Well, guess what? I am a coffee snob. I only drink freshly-ground medium-roast coffee, so I was skeptical of using this pre-ground package for my pour-over while camping up at Fairy Lake. But when I tore the Mile Marker open and took a deep whiff of those well-sealed grounds, I smiled, knowing it was going to be a great morning. And it was. —Jack

There's a lot of coffee options out there in the world, but are they all carbon neutral? Hiker's Brew Coffee comes in compostable bags, so not only does the Red Rocks caramel coffee taste great, but you can enjoy it waste-free. —Jamie

We were running late, getting out of town for the weekend, and we forgot the cream. But we didn't need it. We didn't miss it. The Some Mores is tasty as-is. And you know what they say, once you go black... —Annie