Review: Float Factory Fast Collection

The O/B crew got a fleet of floats from Float Factory this summer, opting for the Fast Collection. With the legroom, and back and arm rests, we booze-cruised our way down the Madison like never before. 

With an electric pump, inflation was quick and easy. Float Factory's floats are made with pretty tough rubber, so bouncing off rocks or bringing the pup along didn't lead to any deflation delays. The plastic inserts within the cupholders held our 12-oz cans snug, so a couple waves or bumps didn't cause any beverage spillage (you may need to leave the White Claws behind). 

"It made me feel distinguished out on the river. I wasn't just some poser in an inner tube." -Jack

"There's a lot of ways to enjoy a day of floating out in the sun, but I didn't think I'd ever be doing that in a racecar." -Adam

Next time you're looking to take a float down the lower Madison or the Jefferson, leave the inner tube behind and upgrade to something a little faster (and more comfortable). 

Available online; $80.