Review: Ortovox 3+ Transciever

Digital three-antenna beacons with marking functions are the baseline standard in transceiver tech—and the Ortovox 3+ performs very well (more on this in a sec). But Ortovox’s patented “smart” antenna means theirs are the only beacons that can actively help searchers find you, should you be buried. It does this by recognizing the position of your transceiver in the event of a burial, then switching the transmitting antenna to the one providing the best coupling with searching beacons. It works. The clear, easy-to-read LCD shows distance, direction, and 1, 2, 3, or more than 3 burials, the marking function works great, and search distances, while not industry-leading, are respectable and reliable. It’s a solid-performing, ergonomic option that’s just a bit “smarter” than your average beacon. $310;