Review: Mystery Ranch Coulee 30

When the time came for a new hiking pack, I naturally looked to a local company: Mystery Ranch. I picked up their Coulee 30, which is the perfect size for a versatile day pack or a short overnight bag. Here's what I like about it, thus far:

Having kids means I’m often packing extra gear on the trail, and the Coulee’s ample space sure comes in handy. And, with a 3-zipper design, items inside are never buried or lost in the void. A variety of other smaller pockets and attachment points makes carry options numerous for almost any type of gear.

Moving onto the frame itself, the stout waist belt effortlessly transfers weight to the hips, preventing sore shoulders and improving hiking posture. The pack is sustainably made from highly-durable and water-resistant recycled nylon, and has a double-layer bottom for durability. Add in the Mystery Ranch guarantee to top it all off, and I’m looking forward to years of adventures.

A note on fit: Mystery Ranch packs are highly adjustable and designed to fit just about any body type. Buying the right size is important, but that's only the first step. It took some patience to get all of the adjustments dialed in just right, but I'm glad I took the time to do it.