Ian Roderer


O/B photographer Ian Roderer abandoned a promising career in semi-pro badminton in favor of the American Dream of home ownership and family life. Now a seasoned veteran at his creative office job and working towards national recognition for his dad jokes, he spends most of his days staring longingly at the mountains wondering when he will ever find the time for all the rad shit he used to do.

Born in Burlington, VT, he came to Montana to ski and somehow graduated from MSU in the process. Four years proved sufficient to transform him into a bona fide VerMontanan. His hobbies include driving his Subaru, watching it snow, and drinking tea. He enjoys pretty much anything outdoors, but mainly photography, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. He lives in Bozeman with his wife Sarah, three kids, and two cats who think they’re dogs. Although he’s learned that powder is way more fun than ice, he will forever prefer Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to Wilcoxson’s.