Review: Mustang Survival Dry Bag

I used to think all dry bags were the same. As long as it keeps my gear fairly dry and is the right size, it’s a decent bag. But now that I’ve tried Mustang Survival’s Bluewater Dry Bag, I’ve learned that they are not all created equal. As for the black and white requirement, yes, it keeps gear dry. Toss it in the bottom of a self-bailing raft in the morning, and the gear inside will come out bone-dry at night. In terms of size, Mustang makes a variety of sizes for the bag, all the way up to 35 liters, which is perfect for overnight trips on a raft or for stuffing in a larger whitewater kayak. What really sets the bag apart, however, is the material. Most other dry bags are stiff, rigid, and hard to pack and carry around. The Bluewater, on the other hand, is more malleable than other bulky bags. This makes it easier to store, as it can conform to the shape of the space it’s in. This spring, I was able to jam the bag into the back of my hardshell creek boat for an overnighter. Being able to store all my gear in one bag goes a long way in staying organized on trips. Overall, it’s a worthy purchase for any boater. $55;