Review: Let 'Em Lie

Sleeping gear for dogs.

So naturally, your dog loves trail running, hiking, biking, and skiing just as much as you do. That’s why he has a giant smile on his face right before collapsing into a pile of clean laundry for a post-adventure nap. But how can you get Bridger to curl up where he’s supposed to, in his cardboard box lined with newspaper? Get him something more comfortable so he get can the rest he needs to get back out there tomorrow. Here are some options. 

On the Road
Some adventures call for an overnight, and when they do, you’ll be happy you have a sleep system for your dog that’s packable and comfortable. Whether you’re car camping, couch-surfing, or backpacking, a space that he recognize as his is important, and will help you manage his behavior away from home. The Highlands Sleeping Bag and optional Landing Pad, also from Ruffwear, are great options when considering an on-the-road bed. The sleeping bag is insulated, just like yours, and will keep your pet warm when the temps drop. The Landing Pad fits inside the bag, making for a convenient system that takes little thought. Both items pack down into a small stuff sack, and they can be used together or separately. Available at Dee-O-Gee. $100 (bag), $30 (pad);

At Home
When you’re at the office or lounging around the house, space usually isn’t at a premium. Your dog is going to want to stretch out, and he’ll like having the space to change positions while he rests. A big ol’ comfy bed is just the thing he needs to recuperate. While we hesitate to endorse urban sprawl, in this case, bigger is better. Ruffwear’s Urban Sprawl Bed keeps things simple, which is great because this is where your dog sleeps, not an oxygen-enriched chamber for rehabbing star athletes. One side of the bed is soft micro-suede, and the other is waterproof polyester, meaning water-bowl spills won’t soak into the mattress. The Urban Sprawl even has a convenient carrying handle for moving from home to office. Now, if only we could do away with subdivisions that easily… Available at Dee-O-Gee. $150-$200;