Review: Grayl UltraPress

If you need a yardstick for how much outdoor equipment has changed in the last few decades, water-purification will certainly suffice. Consider this: 25 years ago, we had two choices when drinking water from questionable sources: boil it, or add iodine tablets to it. Nowadays, options abound, the latest being Grayl's new pull-and-push purifier, a clever, handy device that's a bottle and filter all in one. They call it the UltraPress, and it works like this: remove the top & filter, scoop up a full container, and press the filter & top back in. That's it—you're ready to drink, without the unpleasant taste or temperature of erstwhile filtration methods, nor the time-consuming hose-pumping of other filters. Tuck the UltraPress in your pack for on-the-go hydration, or use it to fill larger containers at camp; either way, you're drinking safe, clean water in a flash. $90;