Review: Evo Snowshoe Kit

It may be getting brown in town, but the high country's still covered in white—so when you set out for an early-spring scramble up a steep mountainside, it pays to pack along some snowshoes. For some really fancy footwork, step up your game with MSR's Evo Snowshoe Kit. This clever kit contains snowshoes, poles, and pack, all in one slick, self-contained package. Which means you can stuff a few essentials—water, snacks, extra layer—in the pack and stash the whole thing by the door or in the truck, so you're always ready for a quick scamper.

The Evo is a proven piece of winter equipment: light, strong, easy to strap on, with a secure, comfortable fit. The Dynalock poles are light and strong, and the pack is simple, durable, and water-resistant—and it's even got a removeable foam seat to keep your hiney warm. Throw the whole thing on your back and set out across the bare ground and shallow snow, and when things start to get deep, simply unpack, strap on, and continue uphill. Gotta love it when a company makes outdoor fun more comfortable and convenient at the same time.

Available at area stores; $200.

MSR Evo Snowshoe Kit