Review: Blenders Arctic Xpress

Blenders' Nebula Arctic Xpress goggles are an impressive blend of performance, comfort, and style. They're helmet-compatible, so they fit snugly over the brain bucket without leaving a gaper gap. The magnetic lens system makes swapping lenses quick and easy when conditions change. And these goggles have a secure locking mechanism, which keeps the lens in place at any speed.

Blenders engineers its lenses for a wide field of view and offers an impressive array of spare lenses, which covers anything from ultra-bright sun to ultra-low light. All the lenses offer 100% UV protection along with scratch-resistant, anti-fog, and smudge-resistant coatings. The Arctic Xpress comes stock with the Arctic Blue Toric lens that boasts a VLT (Visual Light Transmittance) of 15%, making the goggles superior against glare while still letting enough light through to maintain visibility when the clouds roll in. For foggy and snowy days, the Arctic Xpress package also comes with a bonus yellow low-light lens. It all fits into a burly case, which makes for good protection in the pack and a splendid system right out of the box.

Available online; $120.