Review: Blackout Quick Connect

Snowmobiles can make accessing distant ski lines easier, but the logistics are never easy. Sleds get stuck, blow up, and are generally a giant pain in the ass—and that goes for strapping your skis to the machine as well.

I’ve used cheap gun-rack solutions, homemade racks, and every possible bungee-cord scenario imaginable. Few are sturdy enough to last more than couple trips. The Blackout Quick Connect Ski Rack from Back Country Adventure Gear, however, is solid.

Mounting the minimalist base blocks to my tunnel took all of ten minutes using the stock Polaris mounting channels and few stainless carriage bolts, and these removable, machined ABS racks slide on and off like butter, while providing rock-solid ski mounting when in use. The skis do stick off the back quite some ways, where I’ve slammed them into the ground while crossing deep, narrow creek bottoms, but the rack is no worse for wear. With the ratchet-strap retention system, skis and poles are secure, but easy to access. No fuss, no muss.

Available at; $300.