Review: Sealskinz Lyng Gloves

In the cold spring and fall months, my hands are one of the first things to get cold. I can remember times where I’ve needed to stop on the side of the trail during a chilly mountain bike descent just to get some feeling back in my fingers. And if there happened to be a splashy creek crossing, then game over. That’s why I looked to Sealskinz and ultimately settled on their Lyng Glove to keep my hands dry and warm, no matter the activity.

So far, I’ve used the gloves mountain biking, pedaling around town, skiing, playing ice hockey, fly fishing, and hiking. I could imagine someone even getting use out of them out ice climbing, paddling on flatwater, or for cold weather photography—pretty much any activity requiring protection from the elements. However, you’ll still have enough dexterity to articulate your fingers for feathering bike brakes or caressing a fly reel with a fish on. The outer membrane provides a little extra grip when you need to hold on tight, while the merino wool liner provides a skin-tight feel. So far, these gloves have proved far and away superior to any others I have at home, which now collect dust in my closet. $100;