Review: Schnee's Montana II ADV

One boot that does it all. 

Winter is a challenging time for footwear. We expect a lot out of our boots, and when we have a winter like the one we've been having so far, we need them to deliver. 

The first substantial snow fell in town on November 1. Since then, we've had rain, snow, temps in the 50s, and temps below zero. We've had several freeze-thaw cycles, and days on end of fresh snow. That means the streets have been icy, watery, muddy, snowy, slippery, and cold. And throughout all of this, we're expected to walk the dog, take out the garbage, run errands, and stay active. We have to shovel. We have to clear the car of snow. We have to get in and out of our boots in the Bridger Bowl parking lot. And we have to trek to our 6am hockey games in sub-zero temps.

All this is a long-winded way of saying I found the perfect winter boot: the Montana II ADV from Schnee's. The Montana II ADV check so many boxes that I dont quite understand how it's taken this long for me to own a pair. 

The boots are eight inches tall, meaning they'll keep out all but the deepest of storms, and if it has snowed more than eight inches, the only boots you should be concerned with are ski boots. The bottoms are 100% waterproof rubber and stood up to six-inch puddles of slushy water. They're also armored with super-gripy soles that maintained traction on everything from straight ice to freshly shoveled sidewalks.

The uppers are classic Schnee's leather, meaning they're not just functional; they're also handsome enough for even the fanciest Bozeman dinner party. And the Montana II ADV have a Velcro closure, so you can slide in and out of them with ease. This is my favorite feature, as it makes the boots so versatile. In and out of the house bringing groceries inside? Slide in and out of our boots without tracking snow or having to lace up repeatedly. Also, if it's not ten below and there aren't six inches of fresh snow on the ground, leave the boots un-Velcroed to air your feet out a bit. The 400-gram insulation is rated to zero degrees, so you might need to utilize this feature from time to time.

As with everything from Schnee's, the quality is well worth the investment, which at $250 isn't outrageous at all, especially considering that a single pair could last you several decades. So, if you're in the market for some warm, highly functional footwear, and you didn't get what you wanted from Santa, head to Schnee's and try on the Montana II ADV—you won't regret it.

Available at Schnee's on Main Street in downtown Bozeman, and online at