Review: Patagonia Endless Rider

Is riding your hardtail hard on your tail? Mine was, until I picked up a pair of Patagonia's Endless Ride Liner Shorts. These mountain-bike-specific liners are aptly named—I ride much more, and go for longer rides, now that my crotch isn't beaten to oblivion. The protective chamois pad is thick, spongy, and malleable, saving my butt from abuse without inhibiting freedom of movement. The stretchy fabric fits snug and mesh panels keep me cool, especially when I wear regular shorts over the top—which is always, because I'm not an exhibitionist. As the company's caveat states, "The Endless Ride Liner styles are intended to be worn under shorts; worn alone, the near-transparent mesh panels are extremely revealing." Isn't that all spandex? $79;