Review: New Balance Arishi V3 Shoes

There are handful of things that are certain in this town, and Bozemanites being a particularly active bunch is one of them. On the weekends, we hit the road to adventures afar. And when we get off work, we don’t miss a beat getting out on the trails. Oftentimes, our jobs are quite accommodating to the active type, with lots of time on our feet or time spent walking to town for meetings over coffee. If you’re looking for a shoe that can take you from a day at the desk to a run on the road (or even a competition on the pickle court), then the Arishi V3 from New Balance should be on the list.

Footwear shouldn’t hold you back from what you really want to do—and that’s to get out and play. A day on your feet should leave you feeling energized, not drained and tired. But it all starts with what’s connecting you to the ground. The Arishi’s are lightweight and breathable, making them a great go-to option in the hot summer months. They have a very shock absorbent foam insole that makes long days on your feet or even longer road runs feel like light work on the knees and ankles. Depending on your day job—or night activity of preference—the slip-resistant soles will keep you on your feet, rubber side down, when you encounter slick surfaces. These shoes have quickly become my daily driver for when I need something that’ll get me from the office to who knows what. $103;