Review: Mountain Khakis Roan Sun Hoodie

As posited by Occam's Razor, the simplest solution is often the best one. Mountain Khakis surely followed this dictum in designing their Roan Sun Hoodie. I've tested more sun hoodies than I'd care to admit, but each one of them has its own unique flavor—and inevitably, one will float to the top of my drawer with the title of "favorite shirt" until its threads are worn to shreds, and the next contender enters the ring.

The Roan Sun Hoodie is a likely nominee for my next favorite shirt. Why? Because it fits well, and it's made of comfortable, stretchy material, and it keeps me from getting sunburned during the dog days of summer when I'm hanging out above treeline from dawn until dusk. What more could I ask for in a shirt? There are no pockets, no thumb loops, no extra seams, no draw-cords, and—best of all—no zippers that will press a temporary tattoo into my hip after spending 15 hours pinned between my skin and a climbing harness. All this means fewer things to break, greater comfort, and more days spent in the shirt. Now that is intelligent design.

Available at; $60.