Review: Minus 33 Boyshorts

From its base in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Minus 33 presents merino wool underwear for both men and women. The Women's Woolverino Boyshorts are styled after, yes, boys' athletic shorts, but without the peekaboo slit. Breathable and moisture-wicking, they're comfortable in warm, humid weather, as well as colder climes. They have a little stretch to them, which is vital, because in the summer months I eat a lot of ice cream.

The comfy waistband is wide and allows for all kinds of movement, like biking or climbing—no thong discomfort happening here. Machine washable, they made it through the washer & dryer like a champ. Though they are a bit on the pricy side, I'm still picking up a couple more pairs.

Available online; $34.