Review: Merrell Jungle Moc

Outdoor gear and clothing are great, but there’s an undiscussed negative byproduct that comes from buying and consuming them. Large-scale manufacturing of these products is having an undeniable impact on our climate. That’s why it’s refreshing when a company decides to not only recognize it, but also to do something about it. Take Merrel, for example, and their “Scrap Collection” of footwear, in which they take leftover materials from general production and put them to use. They sell three types of shoes using the scrap material, and recently I tried one: the Jungle Moc Scrap.

This casual and comfortable classic slip-on is perfect for the spring and summer months. So many of the activities I do require specific footwear, from neoprene booties on the river to hiking boots on the trail, but the Jungle Moc can do it all. And, it’s stylish around town, too. Best of all, there is none of the heel lift that I’ve found in other slip-on shoes. It’s great to see a company producing functional gear, with the planet in mind. Well done, Merrell. $125;