Review: Maloja Fuchsm Jacket

The Maloja Fuchsm down jacket takes puffy performance and comfort to the next level. The Fuchsm is stuffed with 700-fill-power recycled down, which means it’s well-insulated. But, at the same time, the material impressively maintains breathability, allowing for moisture to escape during cold-weather activity. The superfine polyester fabric is notably lightweight and packable, while providing outstanding comfort that feels cozy over any base layer. It even has a soft feel against the skin, increasing the uniqueness of this puffy. The athletic cut doesn’t restrict range of motion, and the jacket also features a hood that's adjustable with one hand, adding to its versatility. The Fuchsm is the best balance of comfort and performance I’ve seen in a puffy jacket, despite the imbalance of vowels and consonants in the name. $349;