Review: Ibex Wool Aire Hoodie

Lightweight, warm, and water-resistant—what more could one ask of an outdoor jacket? Nothing, really, but with the Ibex Wool Aire Hoodie, you can add "packable" and "wind-resistant" to the list of enticing attributes. Simply stuff it in its own pocket and stash it in your pack, and you've got the security of knowing that when the temperature plummets, a cozy coat awaits, to take the edge off and keep you comfy for the remainder of your outing. Torrential rain will require more protection, but otherwise, the Wool Aire's got you covered. I keep this baby in my pack all fall, winter, and spring, only giving it a break in July and August, when I replace it with a bomber rain shell.  For backpacking trips into the high country, though, it goes right back in. $285;