Review: Ibex Merino Tencel Long Sleeve Tee

In times of ever-changing weather, it’s hard to pick out a solid piece of clothing that can adapt to a range of temperatures. The Ibex Women’s Merino Tencel Long Sleeve Tee does just that, keeping me cool on the bike or run up, and warm on the way down. Made predominantly from merino wool, the Tencel Long Sleeve Tee provides a toasty base without the constriction of thick layers. The merino wool catches moisture and releases it as vapor to prevent sweat from soaking through. Not to mention, preventing your friends from having to deal with your smelly presence. Talk about science!

Ibex sources high-quality merino wool from Australia and New Zealand. This fabric has a natural resistant layer that prevents absorption of stains (from sweat to messy eaters), is naturally flame-resistant (for those of us who sit a little too close to the campfire), and requires less washing due to its odor resistance (save that water!). All these factors make the Tencel Long Sleeve Tee’s lifespan long, ultimately decreasing product consumption and waste.

All in all, it’s a staple clothing piece for just about any activity—even for lounging (I mean working) in the O/B office. Available online; $95.